It's okay with me if it hurts.

I guess if I was boring they would love me more. Guess if I was simple in the mind, everything would be fine.

/ Lolo, 19./

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Fuck all this shit, off to bed to watch Captain America because Chris Evans seems to be the only male I can actually stand a bit today.

What I don’t get is people are blaming these female celebrities for taking nudes on THEIR phones for THEIR eyes only instead of blaming the hacker invading THEIR privacy smh.

Also, why is a guy praised when his nudes are leaked and a woman is shamed? I don’t get this world at all.



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❝ sometimes you need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again.

— l. gabriel (via shaelii)

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If all men were set on fire today I’d just stare and clap.